The MinuteThink Idea

Posted on 28th July 2011 in Uncategorized

The idea for MinuteThink came to me riding home from Bart one evening.  I was flipping through my notebook to make use of my hour of spare time.  As I was casually skimming through notes from my most recent textbook for Philosophy 104, Ethics, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted by how much time I had spent on doodling, and how little text there actually was. On the other hand, I’m a firm believer in being able to learn faster through pictures rather than words.  Sure, my pictures were extremely simple descriptions of the philosophical concept portrayed in the textbook, but it was a neat little creation.  That got me thinking.  Philosophy is a dry, dry subject, some authors (Sidgwick) infinitely moreso than others.  But what if I simplify a concept to make it understandable through a cartoon?  I first came up with the MinuteThink idea by developing a tagline of “if someone spends a minute at my website, they’ll have some philosophical concept and idea to think about for the rest of their day.”  Whether they want to discuss it on the site or by the watercooler, I wanted to give readers an interesting conversation starter for all ages.  I had absolutely no experience in programming or websites so my new obsession became googling “easy way to start a blog.”  Within a month my website was fully ready and I hope to launch it and share it will the world by October!

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